We have an extract of a letter sent to residents of Hoylake in the vicinity of the lake from United Utilities and Wirral Council which we feel will be relevant to all lake users.


"We’re delighted to have been involved in this fantastic community project but as everyone is aware we’re currently in the midst of a prolonged dry spell and are asking our customers to use water efficiently, by avoiding the use of water hungry devices, particularly outside in the garden. In light of this, we don’t think it is the right time to fill up the boating lake. Of course, as soon as the situation changes we will do so.

 The work will be completed as soon as it’s practically possible and we will ensure residents and visitors are kept updated."



Owing to the football and committee members holidays etc. the next meeting at Sheridans will be on Monday 23rd July at 7.30 pm.







The renovation of the lake has been completed but due to the hot weather and lack of rainfall it is unlikely that the council will refill the lake until weather conditions and rainfall favour the refill. This may not happen until August.

See photos below for progress.


Extensive cleaning works on the lake and surrounds was undertaken during May and June.

Most of this work was undertaken by United Utilities and club members did the lake side painting work.



Below are some photos from the cleaned lake and the subsequent painting. Thanks to the members of Hoylake Model Boat Club who painted the surrounds and seating.