One of our newer members boats. Ian Bennett is the proud owner of this one.

Royal Iris built by Max Ferrie 2010

The Mersey ferry Wallasey made by Max Ferrie awaiting its maiden voyage. November 2012

Max's Sail Boat Rebecca

Mersey ferry Wallasey on its maiden voyage.November 2012. John B is her new proud owner.

Denis Foster's Warship

Kens canal Barge

Denis's Skua the Liverpool Pilot

Bobs Tank carrier

Max's 1900 Mersey Ferry ROSE

Denis's US Coastguard

Clint's Model of New Brighton Inshore Hover Lifeboat

"Sir John Moore" New Brightons first Ferry Boat. made by Max Aug 2013

Clints boat at speed

Sir John Moore in the lake made by Max

Fire launch

Clints New Brighton Hover Lifeboat Sucess at last!!

Kens Tug "Iona"

Denis's Skewa

Johns Tid Tug

John B's Gnasher

Ken's Snaefell

Ken's Snaefell

Max's Snowdrop completed March 2014

Ken's Pusher tug

Max's Ferry Snowdrop on Venetian night at New Brighton

Bobs Skimmer

Denis's Razzle Dazzle Ferry

Denis's Razzle dazzle Ferry on the lake

Terry's Megayacht Octopus. Refurbished from Auction sale by Max

Max's first Bedford OB Coach. Port Erin Coach company of the '50s-Cregeens.

Denis's Shannon Hoylake Lifeboat

Closer view of Denis's Shannon Hoylake Lifeboat

Denis's Shannon on the lake at speed.

Bedford OB Crosville coach built by Max,down by the lake with wiper and lights on.

Brian's Fishing Boat April 2016

Clint's Royal Iris April 2016

Liverpool tram No2 built by Max and now owned by Ambrose from Monmouth.

Clint prize winning Perch Rock Luggage Boat.

Leyland Tiger coach built by Max and now owned by a member of the Leyland Truck Club.

Birkenhead Bus completed by Max and now in the safe keeping of our chairman John.

Yet another Liverpool tram No 22. the later model with the closed driver position.

Sentinal Steam Wagon as used by Cammell Lairds in early 1900's. Built by Max and now owned by Clint.


if your boat is here let the Webmaster know and he will put in in the credits beneath the picture. Don't be shy!

Its not a boat but the latest addition to Johns fleet. Made  by Max.
A  Birkenhead bus. 
C heck out the video on this link.