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Technical Tips 2

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  1. Battery Capacity explained
  2. Mtroniks Viper speed controls 



 The capacity of a battery tells you how much charge

it can store.Some rechargeable AA batteries  for example

are rated with a capacityof 2,900mAh (=2.9Ah). This means

 that they can theoretically provide a current of 2.9A for 

one hour, 1.45A for two hours, or290mA for ten hours.

In reality batteries do not respond in such a linear way

- a 2,900mAh battery would not provide29mA for 100 hours,

nor 2,900mA for one hour under normal operating conditions.

A more conservative output would be more realistic.

Use the stated capacity in mAh as a guide only.

A Lead Acid jelly battery with a rating of 4Ah theoretically

would supply 4 amps for 1 hour or 1amp for 4 hours. If the battery

 was used intermittantly and supplied only 1 amp it is likely that it

would supply 1 amp for a total of more than 4 hours.

As I say use these figures as a guide.

 If your motors require 5 amps then don't expect a 1Ah battery to

last 12 minutes because it won't. Better to use a minimum of 7aH

battery and probably get just over an hour out of it.

 Intermittent use of batteries when out sailing gives a longer overall

sailing time. Give the battery time to rest every 10 mins or so.


                                Mtroniks Viper Marine Speed Controller

                       When Motor will only run in one direction

  01. Ensure Radio Set is switched off.
  02. Remove speed control lead from receiver.
  03. Turn on power at speed controller switch.
  04. The red light should now show on your speed controller.
  05. Press the button down on the speed controller for 2 secs.
  06. Then press the button down four times,hold for 1 second on each press. 
  07. Allow speed controller LEDS to run through a sequence of flashing.
  08. Once the flashing has stopped you should have a solid red light showing.
  09. Refit speed controller lead to receiver.
  10. You are now ready run on factory settings.

In the event you still have problems phone Mtroniks technical department

help line on 01943 461482