LATEST NEWS & Blackpool Show Parking


 This information is from the organizer himself
Ian Lewis
There are no parking charges for ANYONE involved in the Blackpool Model Show. That includes anyone setting up on Friday, or attending the show on Saturday or Sunday, regardless of whether they are there as a club, trader or visitor.
When the parking charge came in earlier this year I started negotiating / haggling with the hotel & eventually we came to an agreement where for an extra fee I could have free parking for everyone at the show. Unfortunately this came after the ticket prices & traders costs were announced & as the show is not run to make profit it is likely to mean that I will make a loss this year (hopefully a small one!) but I know what effect the parking charge would have on attendance, so I felt that there was no option but to pay the extra.
The car park is monitored by cameras, so the number plates are recorded as vehicles drive in, so we need to collect numbers in order to pass them on to the hotel to get them cancelled off the system. The way this will work is as follows:
On Friday: There will be a book in the main hall of the show where those setting up will need to put their registration numbers, don't worry it will be easy to find.
On Saturday: There will be a book at the main entrance to the show, so once people have paid to come in they can add their registration numbers. Parking for normal hotel visitors & guests that are not coming to the show is still charged at the normal rates, hence the book is after the pay desk.
On Sunday: The cameras (I'm told) will be turned off, so there will be no parking charges for anyone.
I intend to put some signs up at the hotel car park to let those coming to the show know that they do not have to pay & there will be good signage inside the show itself.

                               THE LAKE
 We are pleased to report that a gully sucker has been down at the lake today Tuesday 18 Sept to clean the residual sand and rainwater from the lake, prior to refilling the Lake. We hope by the end of the week the lake will have been refilled and that we can work on getting the neglected site back into good condition again. This Wednesday we hope to put the dye in the water to prevent the build up of algea. We will then hope to weed the surrounds of the lake. Any help would be appreciated.