Ken Webb

* * A tribute to our beloved Chairman Ken Webb * * passed away April 11th 2016

Ken had served the club tirelessly as our chairman and was the mainstay of the club. His hard work and drive helped the club thrive. His wry sense of humour and generosity made him a lovable character, he was a joy to be with.

We shall all miss him very much.


On a very windy wet day we took the tribute floral ship to the lake in memory of our much loved Chairman Ken Webb who passed away on April 11th. Andy, our Lake Manager took the floral tribute and installed it on the bale cage in the centre of the lake.

The floral "ship" to be placed in the centre of the lake.
Andy braving the elements to place the floral tribute

The "SHIP" in the center of the lake.

Cold, wet and perished, the group retired to the local Weatherspoons, for warmth and refreshments.