Southport May 2018

Max's Royal Daffodil and Clint's Perch Rock luggage boat Mersey ferries.

DISASTER on the launch by Andy and Ian . Breakages; water in the hull; OH! dear.

Syphon to the rescue gallons of water extracted from the hull by Ian.

Ian still at it.

Getting really serious now. Tug in dry dock and second opinions saught. Andy has decided to leave them to it.

Leave them to it Max enjoying the sun and just watching the repairs.

Les standing guard and making sure Clint doesn't get up to any mischief.

Although these two reprobates are Liverpool members at least one of them is actually in the Hoylake club also, so we had to include them. Joe and Mike also enjoying the sun.

Andy you are in my chair AGAIN!!!

Peace reigns at last.

Hoylake club visited Southport's lake for their open day May 2018. The weather was beautiful and we were well looked after by the Southport club; fed and watered by Les Thurgeson and team. Many thanks to all concerned.