Meeting and Shows for 2017

        As from 1st January 2017 we have changed our evening meeting venue back to Sheridans in Wallasey Village.This is due to parking difficulties at the Saddle pub. Our meetings will now be held on the third Monday in the month.

Next Meeting Monday 19th June at Sheridans 


February 3rd

MMBA  Community Centre 2pm

March 4th & 5th

Ellesmere Port Model Boat Show

April 9th

LiverpoolMBC  Open Day Newsham Park

April  30th

Cancelled due to weather.     Hoylake MBC Open Day

April  22nd 23rd

Merchant Taylors Waterloo Model Fair

May  7th

Open/ Fun Day at  Southport Club

June 3rd 4th

Heskin Hall Eccleston

June 10th Sat

Hulme Hall Port Sunlight HMBC

June 17th & 18th

Woodvale Rally Victoria Park Southport

June 23rd – 25th

Mersey River Festival Liverpool Pierhd.

June 25th

Open/ Fun Day St Helens MBC

July 2nd

Crosby MBC Regatta CANCELLED

July 23rd

Hoylake MBC Open Day

July  9th

Open/ Fun Day Southport Club

July  9th Sun

Scarisbrick Marina (OWLS)

August 12th & 13th

Toys for Boys Waterloo

August 26th & 27th

Model Boat Convention at Haydock

September 10th

Open/ Fun Day  Southport Club

September 30

North West Ship Show

October 8th

Hoylake MBC Birthday Open Day

October 16th

Hoylake MBC Dutch Auction @Sheridans

October 21st  22nd

Blackpool Model Boat Show


Hoylake Club Xmas Dinner